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Ladybird Farm

Active Recreations and Leisure Centre

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Ladybird Leisure Center

Our farm is located on 125 acres in the beautiful South-Transdanubian hills. It is considered to be a real paradise of adventures for families with kids. We provide excellent edutainment (entertaining education), recreation and amusement opportunity all year-round for ages 0 to 99.

The Ladybird Farm has been created to provide a first class experience on revival and preservation of our traditions, education about sustainability and our environment and enabling action-packed recreation – an ideal place for active recreation!


Our development policy

We are committed to principles of sustainable development.


  • We develop such attractions only that do not consume any energy. If they do so, we provide it from renewable sources.
  • We intend to cover our energy need from sustainable sources only. At the moment we provide 80% of our energy needs from locally produced renewable sources.
  • We try to achieve that the carbon footprint of our guests during the time they spend here to be smaller than if they stayed at home or had gone somewhere else.

“Waste = Money” principle

We have introduced a concept by which our visitors can pay part of their entrance fee with reusable waste (plastic or alu bottle and paper).

 Several options to play in one place

We host Central Europe`s largest indoor slide house with 7 tracks and 2 giant playgrounds. You can really experience free-fall on these slides which are 4.5 and 6.5 meters high. The experience is accessible to all generations and ages, there is no limit for weight or age; 3 generations can enjoy our facility together!

 Another unique feature is the adult indoor playhouse and the giant play labyrinth for kids, where anyone can test their creativity and fitness regardless of age or size.

 If the weather permits, our visitors can enjoy several outdoor programs and game options: our DINO Cars pedal go-karts are a real favorite, where kids and parents can race separate or together.

 Our medieval castle provides temptation to travel through time. Each month, one full weekend is dedicated to Medieval Knights, visitors get access to touch, try on and experience real medieval shells, arms, habits, traditional wear, crafts and dances. The siege of the castle is certainly one of the festival`s highlights.

The largest wooden trebuchet of continental Europe is in operation during good weather, our guests can take part in operating it. Seeing fireballs during summer nights over the sky is an unforgettable experience!

 Anyone can use our rope-course, consisting of 5 different tracks depending on state of fitness, or courage. Toddlers can make their way through the „Teeny-weeny” track; the Junior track is providing fun primarily for 5-10 years old kids, while the „Brave” track is providing challenges for older juniors and adults. Would you like a more adrenalin packed experience? Slide down our ADRENALIN zip wire over the valley, as its poles are established at 2 hills and the journey is nearly 200 meters long and over 20 meters high, the second longest in the country!

The slightly more modest COOLDOWN zip wire track can still provide an unforgettable experience for more cautious visitors with its 120 m length and at a height of 10 meters.

 We introduce various domestic and traditionally kept animals in their natural environments, such as Hungarian breed of sheep, grey cattle, mangalica hairy pigs. Here you can also find traditional tools and machines for agricultural cultivation and animal handling.

During cow milking, bread kneading and baking, horse riding or traditional tricky games visitors can get to know our ancestors’ traditions and experience their wisdom.

 Programs – what makes our Farm unique:

We offer 50 different program opportunities in handicrafts, environmental, traditional or agricultural areas. You can flexibly create your own program for a day or a week.

 We are offering our guests unique series of programs for each weekend, titled: „Festive Days on Ladybird Farm”. Connecting to traditional festivities and celebrations, with the help of our visitors, we are revoking old traditions and habits, ensuring a meaningful experience!

A few of our regular programs:

Available every day to all visitors:

  • cow milking at 7 am and 6 pm, anyone welcome to try with their own hands!
  • animal handling betw. 7-9 am and 4-6 pm
  • animal shows 3 times a day,
  • drawing, painting, coloring, pebble stone decorating activities
  • outdoor and indoor games and toys (giant playground, jumpy straw barn, old machines, go karts, adventure trail)
  • access to our medieval wooden castle



  Every weekend:

  • traditional crafts workshops free of charge
  • bread kneading and baking in traditional hut as of 10 am Saturdays
  • operating the largest trebuchet of continental Europe at 3 pm Saturdays and Sundays
  • fire ball shooting with our trebuchet each Saturday after sunset (march till november)
  • bread pizza kneading and baking on Sundays starting at 11 am
  • extra programs on long weekends and bank holidays





Accommodation, catering

Feel free to plan a multi-day program in our Leisure park and beautiful natural surroundings in the Zselic hills. We provide accommodation facilities in 2 tourist houses, one campsite, and 3 guest houses, we are able to host more than 100 guests simultanously. Parallel, catering can be arranged in our leisure park restaurant.

 We make sure our visitors get full service, be it a school group visit, a family excursion, a re-union or a summer camp.


  • place for 120 guests in 2 tourist houses with 2-12 beds per room
  • place for 80 tents and 10 RV-s in our campsite
  • 35 places altogether in 5 guest houses from spring to fall,
  • accommodation with higher level standards are available at our partners




  • home-made food 365 days a year, any time of the day,
  • „a la carte” and group order options
  • we take orders for events (wedding, birthday parties, reunions, etc.)



Founders’ mission is to help people realize and re-discover enjoyment and appreciation of our wonderful nature and environment – breathing in the fresh air, getting to know domestic animals, learning about our ancestors’ habits, crafts, revealing their wisdom, via edu-taining and providing practical experiences to our visitors! It is extremely important to provide joint edutainment opportunities to the entire family, for 3 generations together.

We aim to put high emphasis on environmentally conscious behavior, all our colleagues of the Farm truly believe learning via experience is the best teacher and that education and learning can and should be FUN!

 Our key principle is continuous innovation and development. Guests returning to us year-by-year should always find something new, something uncharted to try. Our development plans for Year 2016 include new toys and facilities.


In the past years we have received numerous prestigious awards recognizing our attitude, values and achievements:

  • Greennovation award for sustainability in 2013
  • The Most Innovative Leisure Center in 2014
  • Business Ethic Award in 2015

 Come and experience it for yourself!



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